Moving to the Austin, Texas area

Moving to the Austin, Texas area

Moving to another state can be an exciting but scary time.  It always helps to know a little bit about the city and state in which you are about to make your new home.  If you are moving to the Austin area and have never lived in Texas, read on.

Austin is a surprisingly progressive city, deep within the heart of the Lone Star State.  A few years ago it was named one of the greenest cities in America, based on its policies surrounding the use of electricity, building design, parks and green spaces, transportation, and living-wage rules.  It is also progressive in the sense that Austin has a high number of gay households, much higher than the national average of any other city.  It also happens to be one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

Additionally, Austin was named one of the country’s most literate cities by Central Connecticut State University.  If you are moving to the Austin area, this can be a reassuring piece of information, especially if you have school-aged children. The University of Texas-Austin is also one of the top-rated schools in the nation.

If you work in the technology industry, you might not be surprised to know that some people call Austin, Texas ‘Silicon Hills’ because almost 4,000 technology companies have offices in the immediate area.  Of the thousands of tech companies in Austin, some of the biggest have operations here. These include Apple, AMD, Samsung and Dell.

The laidback way of life in Austin is welcoming to most families and singles that are moving to Texas for the first time.  It has a great music scene and is a diverse city offering a range of restaurants, museums, and other cultural attractions. The downside of Austin growing so quickly and becoming a popular place to relocate is the relatively high rent prices. If you are getting ready to move, it makes sense to start your apartment search or house hunting as early as possible.