Moving to Richmond, Virginia?

Moving to Richmond, Virginia?

A move to Virginia is something that most people dream of. If you are moving to the popular city of Richmond, there are a couple of neighborhoods that are definitely worth your consideration.

First up for a move to Richmond is The Fan. This area is popular with students and families, as it is both a traditional area and a trendy one. The name comes from the shape of the streets and homes here range from townhouses to converted apartments. Many people who live here choose to get around by bicycle. The housing in the area is fairly pricey; however, there are good schools and plenty of amenities and most people think it is worth paying the premium. Some of the city’s best restaurants are located here and you won’t be stuck for an evening out.

You can also consider the neighborhood of Woodland Heights for your relocation to Richmond. This is located in Southside and is only a few minutes from the downtown area of the city. This region dates back to the 1900s and has a strong community feel. This is one of the oldest areas of the city and the buildings here feature some great architecture. Choose from a variety of accommodation types, including bungalows and colonial-style homes. The area also has plenty of parks and other amenities and is known for its diversity of culture.

Nearby is the neighborhood of Forest Hill, which also offers a strong community feel and is home to Forest Hill Park.