Moving to military housing – what challenges wil …

Moving to military housing – what challenges wil …

Moving to a military installation sounds like a very exciting thing to do; however, there are challenges to military life that you need to be aware of. If you know about and understand these challenges in advance, you can be better prepared for them.

The first challenge is that you are likely to be moving a long distance from your own family and you are going to miss their support. It is easy to keep in touch via email and phone, so be sure to do this when you move.

Moving to a military installation can also mean that you have some loss of privacy. All of a sudden everybody knows everybody else, and if you don’t want everybody to know your business you will need to learn to keep your conversation fairly basic to begin with. Once you get to know your new neighbors you will probably easily figure out which ones you can confide in.

Children may take a little more time to adjust and you will need to be patient while they do this. They will soon make friends and settle into their new school; however, some children will find it harder than others to move away from old friends and schools.

It can be easy for you to feel isolated from the civilian community, particularly if you find that you are spending most of your time on the installation. Make an effort to get out a little more, perhaps visiting nearby parks, malls and libraries, and you will soon feel part of the civilian community again.