Moving to Hawaii? What about Pearl City

Moving to Hawaii? What about Pearl City

If you are planning a vacation to Hawaii or are considering a move to that state, the first city you may naturally think of is probably Honolulu. But, there are plenty of other cities in Hawaii that you may want to consider moving to with the kids.

Pearl City should definitely be on your short list of cities that are great for families. The population is about 28,600, which means the city isn’t too large or too small – it’s just right! Situated on the northern side of Pearl Harbor, the area is comprised of several subdivisions and has a pretty suburban feel. That might be because of all the playground and parks your kids can run around in!

Although Hawaii probably isn’t known for its extensive public transportation system, Pearl City does offer a public bus service that is great for leaving the car at home. Like many suburban cities, Pearl City has quite a few strip malls and shopping centers.

Obviously, if you are moving to Hawaii with the kids, you probably want to know a little bit about the area schools, right? There are eight elementary schools, one middle school (Highlands Intermediate), and one high school (Pearl City High). The high school has a noteworthy music program.

Moving to Hawaii can be an enriching experience, especially if you’ve never left the continental 48 states. But remember, living on an island can be very different, so be sure to seriously weigh your options before relocating.

Jon Huser.