Moving to Fort Worth?

Moving to Fort Worth?

Moving to Fort WorthThose who are considering a move to Texas might want to think about setting up home in Fort Worth. There are a number of reasons why this is a good idea, the first of which is the relatively low cost of living here. The cost of living is far below the national average and the average of many other cities.

Fort Worth is also considered to be one of the top places in the US to start a business, and many relocate to Fort Worth with this intention. It regularly makes the top 10 of the safest cities in which to live, which is another bonus.

Which neighborhood should you pick? The Downtown area is home to more than 5,000 people and one of the reasons why so many people consider it is its proximity to work. A number of businesses are located here and it is also a great neighborhood to choose if you want to make some new friends. Downtown is widely considered a walkable neighborhood and ideal for those who like to cycle.

Moving to Fort Worth also means that you can consider the Museum District. This is a relatively new part of the city; however, it is rapidly becoming a vibrant area and it is popular with young professionals.

Regeneration work has turned the Magnolia Ave/Fairmount district into a popular area, particularly with artists and arts organizations, and these areas date back to the early part of the 20th century. There are houses that date back to this time and restoration work has made them much sought after. There are other homes that are ideal projects for somebody who wants to tackle the restoration themselves. There are also new townhouse developments here and some are close to the retail area of the neighborhood. Property prices are currently considered to be quite reasonable, as many looking to buy have not yet found this area.

Next up are the areas around Arlington Heights, Crestwood and Monticello. These are very pretty areas and long-established residential neighborhoods. Property here comes mainly in the form of small bungalows and there are very few that need renovation work. These areas are all located close to the Downtown area and a commute into the city in the morning is not going to be a hardship. You also have to consider that you will be within easy reach of the nightlife and restaurants. In addition to the bungalows you will be able to find great value apartments and new townhouses.

Finally we have the Berkeley and Mistletoe Heights areas. These are affluent areas and also date back to the early part of the 20th century. They are also within easy reach of the Downtown area and many people favor these over the older districts. The properties here are mainly single-family homes but there are some apartments available if you look hard enough, although you may find that these areas are a little more expensive in terms of property than some of the other districts.