Moving to Florida with the Kids? Try Venice Garden …

Moving to Florida with the Kids? Try Venice Garden …

Did you know that one of the best places to raise kids in Florida happens to be Venice Gardens?  Well, if you don’t already live in the area, you may not have even ever heard of the small town.  But, if you’re going to move for the kids, Venice Gardens might be your spot!

Situated just outside of Bradenton, Venice Gardens has a population of almost 7,000.  So, it really is a small Florida town.  The median family income is around $58,000, which happens to be pretty good for the south right now.  This could be an enticing feature for anyone wanting to move to the area.

But what makes Venice Gardens so great for raising the kids?  First of all, the community has a great mix of young families and active older adults.  So, you really are getting the best of both worlds.  The small town offers affordable homes that make it easy for first-time homebuyers to move in.  In fact, the average home value in the area is about $114,000 – and that is for a neighborhood with clubhouse and community pool!

One thing to note about moving to Venice Gardens, Florida – the town is situated outside of the bustling business and shopping districts.  (It really is a small town in every sense of the word.)  However, there is easy access to all the business, dining, and shopping you need in the surrounding larger towns.  But, if you want your kids to grow up in a small town with a tight-knit community, Venice Gardens could be it!

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