Moving to Carlisle, PA?

Moving to Carlisle, PA?

The town of Carlisle is part of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. The population of Carlisle is less than 20,000; however, it is close to Harrisburg, which is also a popular destination for those who want to relocate to Pennsylvania. When looking for real estate, you may find that this is a slightly more expensive area than some of the other towns in the state; however, it is still much cheaper than some of the larger US cities such as New York and LA.

The Goodyear/Barnitz neighborhood is one of the most expensive in the town when it comes to a new home and it is also expensive for a rental property when compared to other parts of the state. There are mainly medium and large single-family homes here and many of these are purchased; therefore, there are not as many rental properties available as in other areas. Most properties have been built since 1970 and although there are a few that date back further, this may not be the area for you if you want a historic home. When it comes to the number of vacant properties, the area meets the average level for other parts of the state and the US.

Relocating to Carlisle means that you can also consider the Bonny Brook/Coyle area of the town. This area is slightly cheaper than Goodyear but still a little higher than the state average for the cost of purchasing or renting a property. Bonny Brook can be found in the suburbs and properties here range from studio-sized properties to medium-sized townhouses. Again there are not a lot of rental properties here and most properties are fairly recently built. The number of vacant properties is lower than in other areas and there is a strong demand for property here, which could lead to price increases or new-build properties.

If you are thinking about moving to Pennsylvania, you can also consider the Middlesex and Carlisle Springs part of the town. Again this is slightly cheaper, but still above the state average and national average for both property purchase and rental. You will not find very large houses here, but there are plenty of medium-sized homes, small homes and mobile homes. Some of the properties date back to the 1940s, but most have been built since 1970. The demand for property here is so strong that the vacancy rate is extremely low and demand is high. If you find a property here you will need to move fast to be sure that you won’t lose it and you should brace yourself for property price increases

Wherever you decide to look for a new home in Pennsylvania, it is worth doing a little research first to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need from your new neighborhood.