Moving to Arizona to retire

Moving to Arizona to retire

If you are considering relocation when you retire, Arizona might be the state for you. There are plenty of reasons why people want to move to Arizona and here are just a few for you to consider if you are still trying to make up your mind.

One of the main advantages of retiring to Arizona is the tax situation. There is no tax on social security and you get to keep more of your income. There is also a range of destinations here, and you can plan where you want to live depending upon your personality and tastes.

Phoenix is considered a very affordable city, for example, while those who want high-class living could consider moving to Scottsdale, which is known for a culinary festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

There are plenty of activities and events in Arizona that you really need to make the most of and it is so much easier when you live nearby. Grand Canyon National Park and Red Rock State Park are both popular destinations with those who love the great outdoors. If you are looking for an active retirement you can try white water rafting or hang gliding, or stick to a more sedate game of golf.

The great weather is a good reason to move to Arizona. When you get older you tend to feel the cold more and in Arizona this is definitely less of a problem, as you can look forward to more sun, less rain, and definitely less snow.