Moving to a new city

The college graduates of today are faced with an uphill battle when it comes to finding gainful employment.  A study conducted back in May last year by Rutgers University researchers found that just 51% of graduates from the preceding five years who had been on a college program for four years had been able to find a full-time job.  Although employment opportunities for recent graduates with little in the way of professional experience may be thin on the ground, there are at least 20 metropolitan areas that boast very small unemployment rates; this is why many recent college graduates believe that their best option is to relocate to a metropolitan area with such a low rate.

The prospect of making a move to a totally new city is one that is daunting for anyone, including young women.  Such a relocation is even more intimidating for this demographic if they arrive in a new city without already having a job to support them.  Although such a move is likely to be a little on the rocky side to begin with, the good news is that there are a number of tips that can be followed by young women who are considering relocating to a brand new city.

One invaluable piece of advice is not to start packing for the move until you have done your research.  Just because a lot of metropolitan areas can boast low unemployment figures does not automatically mean that this is the case for all major cities.  A lot of young college graduates dream about being able to move to cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York after graduation; however, the reality is that these cities do not boast the same low unemployment rates recorded by smaller cities such as San Jose in California and Austin in Texas.  Before you pack your bags to head to a new hometown, it is important to have done the research to find somewhere that best fits you and your degree.  The Big Apple might be beckoning, but this does not mean it is the city in which you are likely to find employment.

Another good tip is to work out the cost of living.  A lot of young people, especially those who live in rural areas and are used to a much more affordable cost of living, can often be shocked when they realize how expensive the big city really is.  Young women who are hoping to move to a metropolitan area need to work out what the cost of living would be there prior to making any definite relocation plans.  The good news is that although most metropolitan areas will be more expensive than locations in the suburbs or in rural areas, there are some metropolitan areas that are considerably more reasonable than others.  It is also a good idea to take a trip to the said city prior to making a permanent move and decide if the lifestyle there would really suit you.