Moving to a military base for the first time

Moving to a military base for the first time

Moving to a new home can be intimidating even at the best of times; for the spouse of someone in the military, relocating to a military installation for the very first time can result in even more uncertainty and nervousness.  The good news is that such a move can be both exciting and enjoyable if you have some grasp of installation living and military life.

A move to a military base does not have to be all that difficult if you take advantage of everything that life on an installation has to offer and are willing to learn from your experienced new neighbors; in fact, you are likely to create a lifetime of happy memories and lasting friendships.

There are a number of advantages for families moving to a military base.  One of these advantages is a sense of community.  Because the people around you are in the same situation that you are, and have many of the same feelings and concerns, there is a real sense of fellowship between families living on a military installation.  There are also sponsors, whose job it is to make you feel welcome and help you to adjust to your new environment.

Another advantage is lower cost housing.  Families living on military installations may have to give up certain housing allowances; however, they do not have to pay rent or utilities, and installation maintenance will fix home repair problems free of charge.