Moving tips for the military spouse

Moving tips for the military spouse

Making a military move is much harder than it looks and it is always worth taking into account a few moving tips when you are doing your planning, particularly from those who have gone through the process before.

Some military spouses recommend that you do not bother to clean your old home and simply pay the fee to have it professionally cleaned. This saves you stressing about the state of your current home when you are making plans to move into a new one.

Sorting out your old home and getting rid of everything you don’t need before you move is a good idea. Most people would recommend a garage sale before you make a military move.

It is a possibility that there will not be work available for the military spouse as soon as you arrive at your new posting; therefore, you need to be prepared to live on a lower budget for a while. You should also research the local schools and the cost of utilities, as these may be very different at your new posting.

When you are packing for a PCS move it is recommended that you take photos of your possessions, particularly valuable and fragile items. If you need to make a claim, you will have supporting evidence to show the damage occurred during the move. You should also make sure that you double check your packing list to make sure that everything is on it – items that are not on the list may not make it to the other end.