Moving tips for military kids

Before you make a military move you should try to continue the normal routine of your children as much as you can.  Near the time of the relocation, give your kids the chance to say farewell to their extended family and friends and to any other important presences in their lives.

Another good tip is to allow your children to be responsible for the packing of their own tote bags or backpacks with particular items such as toys, pajamas, video games, favorite books or a blanket.  This will help them to feel like they are a vital member of the family team and make them feel good.

It can be tricky to move from one place to another.  Children might be worried about whether they will be able to keep their toys and they may be concerned about having to share a room if the family is making a move to a smaller space.  Some younger children might even be afraid that they may be left behind!  On the plus side, however, children tend to be extremely resilient and are likely to take their cues from you with regard to how they feel about living somewhere new.

Once the relocation has been completed it is a good idea to unpack as a family and take a tour of your new local neighborhood together.  Allow children to pick a place of their own in which they can keep their treasured possessions such as board games or books.