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Moving Tips for Military Families

You also need to remember that you have some redress if there are any problems with your professional military movers. All you have to do is call your transportation office, which will send someone to help if your movers are not doing their job properly. Take action before any of your possessions are damaged!

When you arrive at your new military home it is a good idea to take a few photos. The landlord will not always have documented any damage and you do not need to be blamed for such damage later on. If you have teenagers, give them a camera and tell them to take photos of everything before any of your possessions are moved in so that you have evidence later on if required.

This is also a good time to give the kitchen and bathroom a good clean. No matter how well they were cleaned prior to your arrival, they will probably not meet your own standards. Allow a little time to do this before your possessions arrive.  

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