Moving timetable: two months before

Moving timetable: two months before

Preparing a checklist of things to do before you move house is essential, and it is really important to get things done in the right order. You should start some jobs and your planning well in advance, and here are a few things you should be doing two months before your moving day.

This is a good time to start sorting your belongings and getting rid of things that you know that you do not want to take with you. Remember that your moving company may be charging you for the volume of items you are moving and that it is far easier to only move what you want to keep.

It is also at this stage that you should be looking into moving company services. Get your quotes in and make sure that the companies are properly registered and have an USDOT number.

Next you should create a moving binder, which will help you to keep everything on track. Use your binder to store your quotes, receipts and checklists so that you have everything in one place and can access the information when you need to.

Some aspects of your move cannot be left until the last minute, and one of these is the school records for your children. You need to make sure that their new school has copies of their records in advance and two months before your move is a good time to do this. As you get closer to the move you will get busier and this would be an easy task to overlook.