Moving Survival Tips for Teens

Moving Survival Tips for Teens

When you are planning a move, not everyone in the family may be happy with the decision. Teenagers are particularly vocal about their disagreement. While moving is stressful for everyone, teens seem to be most affected by a big sudden change, like a move. Teenagers are already going through many personal changes on top of being bombarded by stresses revolving around impending college, and dealing with intense social pressures. It is more than most people can handle! Bekins Moving Solutions has assisted countless families with teens in the packing and moving process. All along the way we have picked up tips and tricks to help teenagers conquer a move.

Ask for Their Opinion

Teenagers hate feeling out of control. When your entire family packs up and moves to a location in which you had no say in, they probably feel frustrated and overwhelmed. You can help to ease the transition by keeping them involved and active in the relocation process. Do the following:

  • Ask them what they think about a new home you are considering.
  • Look up a few activities in the new city and ask them which one they would like to do when you get into town.
  • Ask about what they think of the new city or town.
  • Encourage them to speak about how they are feeling.

While their opinion may be a bit crass at times, just try to understand that it may be their way of processing such a big life transition.

Blog It

Many teens find comfort in having a place to voice their concerns. Encourage your teen to start an online blog or write their feelings down in a private journal. Getting feelings down on paper (or on a computer screen) can help alleviate some of the stresses that are associated with moving to a new place.

Talk It Out

While a move can get busy, don’t forget to communicate frequently with everybody in the family about what to expect on moving day. Discuss houses you’re considering, schools your teen could be attending, and local activities or groups in the area. If your teen is involved in sports, scope out some teams they could join. Keeping teens in the loop helps them feel trusted and respected, especially during a move.

Keep ‘em Busy

It is hard to be upset when you are busy! Give your teen a list of tasks to complete prior to moving day. Whether it’s decorating their new room, packing up essentials in a moving kit, or researching the new school they will be attending, your teen will feel more engaged and involved when you include them in what to do before a move. It doesn’t always have to be all work and no play. Ask them to plan the perfect day in their new city and plan to go down the list once you get settled.

Plan a Going Away Activity

Friends are some of the most important people in your teen’s life. Help your teen say goodbye to their friends by offering to throw a going away party or planning a special activity. While social media makes it easier than ever to keep in touch, you can help your teen make some special memories to look back on.  You will no doubt get some “cool parent points” and they may even thank you for it!

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