Moving From The South To The North? What Differenc …

Moving From The South To The North? What Differenc …

As a southerner moving to a northern state, the unknown can be frigid. You’re used to a minimum of 250 days of sunshine and high temperatures each year, miles long of sandy shores, alligators, beach houses and more, many of which are about to change. But don’t be mistaken, just like the south, the north has its own style of living that’s significantly more exciting than it is intimidating.

You Finally Get to Enjoy Four Seasons

Finally, you get to experience what everyone else shares on Instagram when the fall, winter, and spring seasons arrive. From red plaid flannel blankets to hot chocolate, fall campfires, spring showers, may flowers and more, this is one huge benefit to relocating up north from the south.

You’ll Need to Store Your Belongings Differently

Down in the south, you can leave many belongings outdoors or in your shed all year-round. From your lawnmower to your bike, watering hose, outdoor toys, automobiles, motorcycles and more, be prepared to change the way you store them during off-seasons. The cold weather combined with icy, wet conditions and freezing temperatures can quickly deteriorate many of your items. Fortunately, your new northern neighbors will be happy to show you the winter ropes and if not, you always have Bekins Moving Solutions ready to answer any of your questions about storage.

Additionally, if you don’t want to move everything up north, you’ll want to consider self-storage units to store your belongings in the meantime.

You’ll Have to Winterize your Home

As the winter season approaches, you’ll have to winterize it. This northern homeowner procedure is similar to boarding your southern house up as a hurricane blows in, only instead of using boards, you’ll be using snow blowers, insulated pipe blankets, and tuned-up water heaters.

You Discover How Much Fun Can Be Had Out of the Sun

As a southerner moving to a northern state, the mere thought of snow can make you shiver, but that’s about to change. As soon as you experience your first winter season, you’ll finally start to understand why people live in the northern states – because snow is fun! From snowball fights and forts to snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling, this type of fun can only be experienced in areas that can forgo the sun for 6 months.

Sweet Tea isn’t Readily Available At Every Location

Forget about finding sweet tea on the beverage menu at every restaurant, gas station, corner store and boutique. Unlike in the south, sweet tea is not a staple in the northern states and you may have to wait around for the summer months to see it pop up as a “limited time” menu option. Fortunately, you can always make your own and your new friends will be wondering how they went so long without this sweet southern staple.

Most importantly, expect to be happy and satisfied with your relocation. Just like the southern states, there is plenty of beauty to be explored and opportunity to be enjoyed. So, speak with your Bekins Moving Solutions today and see what you need to do to get your out-of-state move started.