Moving Safety: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe During Your …

Moving Safety: 5 Tips to Keep You Safe During Your …

Moving is tough. There’s no other way to say it. Not only is there the emotional side of moving but it’s also significantly exhausting and trying on your body. You’re lifting heavy items, maneuvering up and down stairs, through doorways and up moving truck ramps for hours on end. As such, your body will be undergoing a lot of stress, which can lead to injuries if not taken care of properly. That’s why we always recommend hiring a moving company. The staff is trained to move and lift properly, and you also get the bonus of having someone do the heavy lifting for you. However, whether you’re moving with a couple of friends or hiring a company, there are some things you should do to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

1. Be Aware of The Box Weight

When packing, it can be tempting to toss as much as you can into one box. However, it’s crucial to refrain from exceeding 50 pounds per moving box. If you don’t have a scale, simply try to lift the box yourself. You should be able to do so without too much strain. Otherwise, it’s too heavy and you should separate some of the items into a different box.

It might seem counterproductive to do so, resulting in more boxes to transport, but it’ll actually make the moving process easier and possibly even quicker. You’re carrying these boxes up and down stairs and struggling to do so will significantly impact the efficiency of the day.

2. Know How to Lift Properly

The best way to avoid injuries while moving is lifting properly. So, get in the habit of squatting down and lifting with your entire lower body. Most people will bend their back to pick something up but this is one surefire way to lead to back strain and injury. It’ll also make moving day significantly harder to complete, as your body will tire out quickly when lifting improperly.

3. Rent Property Moving Day Equipment

While we have no doubt you and your friends can lift even the heaviest of items, it’s recommended to always rent proper equipment. Similar to the prior, this will be significantly easier on your body, making moving day much easier. So, take advantage of the moving equipment available to you. Your moving company may have an extra charge for such amenities, so be sure to look into this prior to the big day.

4. Tackle Any Difficult Terrains or Dangerous Areas

Prior to the moving truck arriving, take a couple of minutes to go through your house. Look at the doorways, floors, stairs and other walkways that’ll be used to move your belongings. If there’s a snag in the carpet, a dip in the cement or a loose stone in the walkway, take care of it. Tape down the carpet edges sticking out, mark the areas where the cement dips, and remove any items that may cause slips or falls. At the bare minimum, inform the movers of the areas to be cautious of.

5. Remove Young Children and Animals from The House

Anyone who is a parent to either children or animals knows how much these little guys love getting in between your feet at the most inconvenient of times. While it may be a nuisance on regular days, it can be extremely dangerous on moving day. Falling on a child or animal is one thing; falling on them with a heavy item can lead to serious injury. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided by removing young children and animals from the house. As a rule of thumb, if they aren’t helping with the move, they shouldn’t be there.

Moving day injuries can easily be avoided. Take proper precautions prior to beginning to ensure optimal safety for everyone involved.