Moving into A Retirement Home? What You Need and …

Moving into A Retirement Home?  What You Need and  …

The time has officially come. You’ve decided to downsize and enjoy the livelihood of being retired. This is an exciting chapter in your life and one that you should certainly enjoy. Unfortunately, the long list of things to do keeps racking up and you’re quickly feeling more overwhelmed than enthusiastic about making the transition into a retirement home. However, moving into a retirement home doesn’t have to be a complicated task, especially when you have the following tips and Bekins Moving Solutions ready to take on the hardest tasks.

You Will Need to Declutter

Retirement living often means living in a smaller space than what you are currently used to. So, the first step to moving into a retirement home is to declutter your home and minimize the number of items you have to move. As you begin to pack up your home (or prepare for Bekins Moving Solutions to come do the packing for you), separate the items you wish to donate or sell. You may even want to consider hosting a garage sale to maximize profits.

You Won’t Need a Large Quantity of Many Items

In addition to the obvious things you will no longer need when moving into a retirement home, such as extra furniture and a closet full of linens fit for a family of five, you can also downsize in many other areas of your home. From your cutlery to your cups, plates, spoons, appliances, bedding, décor, lighting fixtures, linens, and much more, moving into a retirement home means that you only need a few to get you through. So, focus on decreasing the number of items you do need, but don’t need a lot of.

You Won’t Need Your Shovels and Lawn Mover

When it comes to the shed, many of the items will no longer be needed once you live in a retirement home. Yes, that means no more shoveling heavy snow during the winter months or spending hours in the heat mowing the lawn every other week. Almost all retirement home facilities take care of exterior maintenance, which means that you can clear up some space by getting rid of large tools, equipment, and machinery.

Consider Renting a Storage Unit for the Belongings You Can’t Part From

One of the biggest concerns people have when moving into a retirement home is having to part from items that their new living space won’t have room for. However, there’s absolutely no need to get rid of the things you wish to keep. Instead, rent a storage unit to store your prized possessions. From family heirlooms to important documents, antiques, extra furniture and more, storage units allow you to keep the things you love while still allowing you to downsize into a retirement home.

Let the Professionals Do the Hard Stuff

Professional movers aren’t a requirement but they certainly come with many benefits, especially when moving into a retirement home. There’s no denying that moving is an extremely exhausting process. It’s hard on your mind, body, and emotions, and you simply may not feel like you have it in you to do all the heavy lifting, maneuvering of complicated furniture and other rigorous tasks that are associated with moving.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. Bekins Moving Solutions can do all the packing, loading, unloading and transportation of your belongings, as well as the dissembling and reassembling of your large furniture pieces.

You May Need Help Moving Items Deemed as Prohibited by Professional Movers

What may surprise you is that there are many harmless items that cannot be moved by professional movers, such as plants, food, pets, flammables, etc. If you have your own automobile, you can certainly move these on your own. If not, you will need to ask a family or friend to help you transport such items.

It doesn’t take long to downsize your home for retirement living when you have Bekins Moving Solutions helping. Let our professionals handle the most complex tasks associated with a move, so you can enjoy the transition.