Moving overseas with kids

Moving to another street in the same city can be difficult and it is therefore easy to imagine how overwhelming making a move to another country can be, particularly if you have children.  The good news is that there are ways of making sure that the move goes as smoothly as it can for everyone, including your kids.

One good tip is to bring along comfort items on your move for your children.  Moving overseas is a major life change for anyone, but especially for children.  Making sure that you pack a few of your child’s favorite toys, blankets and stuffed animals can help them to feel comfortable and assist them with making their own space.  Packing some of these items in carry-on luggage can also help to make long flights and layovers a little easier to deal with.

Establishing and reinstating routine as soon as you can is also very important.  If your kids have become used to having set mealtimes, bedtime and a particular rhythm to their day-to-day lives, you should attempt to re-establish this as quickly as possible.  This assists everyone to soon get back to normal life.

You also need to make sure that some important documents remain accessible throughout the duration of the international relocation.  Use a binder and clear binder sleeves to keep documents such as your children’s school records, birth certificates, passport copies and insurance policies, and keep the binder safe at all times.