Moving out after a marriage breakdown

If you are in the process of going through a separation or divorce and you have decided to be the one to move from the family home, the experience can be physically and emotionally traumatic even if it is financially sound.  There is also the additional worry of having to find somewhere to move to that is nearby if you have children, as well as packing, moving and finding somewhere affordable.

Getting organized as quickly as you possibly can is a big help when it comes to alleviating stress.  To avoid further stress, one method to approach getting organized is to create a schedule for each room in your home one at a time.  Packing each area in an orderly and methodical manner will be of great assistance.

Labeling everything is another very good piece of advice.  All of your boxes should be labeled with room assignments and contents.  While this may not make the packing process any easier, it will certainly simplify unpacking when you have made the move to your new home.  You will need to make sure that all your possessions have been placed in their natural positions and on the first night you will certainly need essentials such as bed sheets, pajamas and toothbrushes.

Using the right boxes for packing is also important.  The last thing you want is to end up using flimsy boxes to pack your precious possessions for the move, so make sure you use sturdy boxes and do not simply go for the cheapest options.