Moving on into the M-House

Moving on into the M-House

If you haven’t heard about the famous M-House, you’re not alone!  But, we’re about to solve that problem for you, with a little bit of an introductory course in the supercool structure.

The M-House is a prefabricated house designed by Michael Jantzen, an artist.  He’s actually designed a whole series of similar homes and dubbed them the M-Vironment.  The homes are all very conceptual and might even take an open mind to even consider moving in.

While these homes are prefabricated, they aren’t the cookie-cutter style you may be thinking of.  In fact, the M-House could never be used in the same sentence as “boring” or “bland!”  Each house features hinged panels and a modular support frame.  You can adjust the modular support frame to create whatever kind of space you want – and wherever you want.

As you might imagine, the M-House has rectangular panels that are attached to a grid comprised of interlocking cubes.  The panels can fold and would be used for different things – like walls, doors, openings.  Everything in the M-House is adjustable.

Think Lego.  Remember building a Lego house as a kid?  That’s exactly what you would be moving into, so to speak.

And maybe people don’t really want to move into a Lego house.  It’s worth mentioning that only two have been sold.  But that doesn’t seem to bother Jantzen since he really meant everything to be a functional art concept, not an actual mass-marketed housing solution.

Jon Huser