Moving on a Friday?

Moving on a Friday?

This may sound like a strange debate, but it is one that has raised a lot of questions over the years. Should you move on a Friday? Why does it even matter?

The fact is that many people like to move into their new home on a Friday, simply because they then have the weekend to get things unpacked and settled before they return to work on the Monday morning. In reality it takes more than two days to get sorted after a house move and this argument is actually quite thin. It does sound ideal, but the practice is usually very different.

One of the downsides is that a lot of other people also want to move on a Friday and this could make it cost you more, as it is not unheard of for moving companies to charge more for moves carried out at peak times such as this… You know, supply and demand.  You could also find that many moving companies are fully booked for the day that you want to move.

To solve the problem, all you have to do is pick another day for your move. Why not consider moving early in the week? You may have to take more time away from work if you want to get your unpacking done immediately, but it could be worth it.

Some good news is that moves drop significantly on Friday 13th, so if you are sure you want to go on a Friday then this could be the date to pick.  The next one is right around the corner in February!

 Lance Grooms