Moving offices

Moving offices

To make the process of relocating an office as easy as it can possibly be, and with the minimum of stress, there are a number of helpful tips that can be followed.  Here are some for your education and enlightenment today.

One good tip is to undertake a space plan of the office into which you will be making a move, check it over with your members of staff, and make certain that it is available for the day that you have scheduled your move with your moving company.  Another good idea is to color code your brand new office by both staff and by area, and label the crates and boxes accordingly.  On moving day you should print off a number of A4 color sheets and stick them to the relevant areas in the new office.

You should also be sure to have checked with photocopier/printer/IT firms to make certain that moving any of their items you have in your office will not require the use of special equipment.  On some occasions it may be necessary to drain fluids or remove cartridges.  You should also measure the biggest pieces of equipment and office furniture and undergo a test run through the doors, lifts and stairs at both offices.  Most of these devices require special moving arrangements.

Hiring plastic crates for the office relocation is the simplest and easiest method for storing office equipment during transit.  You should purchase a lot of bubble wrap in order to wrap the computers and keep them protected during the move.

Gene Salaz