Moving your Office in the Winter

Moving your Office in the Winter

While it’s no secret that moving offices during the winter isn’t a common choice, there are times when you simply can’t wait. So, whether your lease is up or you’re ready to take your success this year to a new location, here are some moving tips that’ll get your office from A to B quickly and efficiently.

Hire a Professional

Tip number one to moving your office in the winter is to hire a professional. There’s no denying that the winter season is hectic as it is; running a business during the winter season is even crazier. You’re working exceptionally hard to start the New Year off right and the last thing you need to worry about is the move.

Hiring professional packers and professional movers will take the move right off your shoulders, so you can focus on your own schedule.

Plan for Road Blocks

Moving your office during the winter season could come with some hurdles, or rather, icy patches on the road. Unlike the summer season, winter is quite unpredictable. The weather forecast shows no snow on moving day, and then you find yourself stuck in a blizzard. So, it’s crucial to plan and prepare for any delays in the moving process.

Use Packing Materials that are Weather Appropriate

While the packing materials you choose for your move are always important, it’s even more so during the winter season. Whether you’re being snowed in up in the Northern states or are being drowned out by the Southern rain, you already know just how unpredictable precipitation is during this season. So, it’s crucial to protect your belongings well throughout the entire moving process.

Keep the weather in mind when selecting your moving materials. Consider opting for plastic storage containers for your company’s most valuable documents instead of cardboard because cardboard and precipitation are never a good mix. You may also want to have extra plastic wrap on hand in case the weather really starts to pour down during the move.

Your Choice of Footwear Matters

It’s never recommended to move while wearing anything other than non-slip, steel-toe work boots. However, many people do choose to move in their trusty sneakers. This can be detrimental to your moving day, bringing all kinds of slips and falls that can put an immediate halt to moving day. So, make sure you and any employees helping you move wear proper footwear to decrease the risk of injuries that can easily happen with winter’s frightful weather.

Make Sure the Pathways are Clear

Whether you intend on hiring a professional snow removal company or plan on doing it on your own, make sure this task is done – and done well -– by moving day. Similar to the prior, any wet surfaces can quickly become slippery and when carrying heavy filing cabinets and work desks, the last thing you want to do is fall. So, even if you’ve hired snow removal services, try to have a shovel and a bag of salt on hand just in case. Just because a snow plow came through doesn’t mean the pathways will be clear from the parking lot to the front door, or from the road to the loading dock. So, be prepared to avoid any major delays.

If moving your office during the winter season sounds terrible, resort back to the number one tip provided – hire professionals. They will do all the hard work for you and because they are professionals, they can complete your move quickly, efficiently and safely.