Moving Leather Furniture

Moving Leather Furniture

If you are moving and are planning on transporting some fine leather furniture, make sure to read the following thoroughly. Without taking the right precautions, moving leather furniture can have disastrous results. Leather is an extremely temperamental fabric, and as such needs a gentle touch. Bekins Moving Solutions successfully moves leather furniture across the country each and every day. Through our extensive experience, we have got leather moving down to a science. We are happy to share some of our wisdom with our customers so you can ensure that your leather will arrive at your new home unscathed.

First Step: Disassemble Your Furniture

Depending on what leather piece you are moving, there may be less or more disassembly required. For most leather couches or chairs, there are removable legs that can be unscrewed and placed in a box. Taking off removable pieces will prevent them from being damaged and also make your furniture much easier to maneuver.

Second Step: Thoroughly Dry

Moisture is your leather’s worst nightmare. Before wrapping your furniture, run a towel over the piece a few times. This will help remove any excess moisture that may be hiding on your furniture. Moisture can sit on the fabric and cause your leather to degrade and smell.

Third Step: Wrap It Up

Wrap your leather furniture in a loose fitting sheet during the duration of your move. This will allow the leather to breathe and will prevent scuffs or scratches. Do not wrap your leather furniture in plastic unless you are moving on a rainy day. Any excess moisture can cause your leather to mold or mildew.

Fourth Step: Secure Your Sheet

You will want to secure the sheet or loose plastic to the couch, so it stays in place during your move. Tape the sheet to itself rather than on your furniture. Tape can damage the leather when you go to remove it.

Fifth Step: Lift, Don’t Drag

Always lift the furniture, don’t drag it.  Dragging leather furniture can cause scratches and even tears, which are difficult and costly to repair. If you cannot lift the piece by yourself, ask for some help.

Sixth Step: Stand Alone

Never place anything on top of your leather furniture during your move. Heavy objects on top of the leather can cause permanent indentions or deep scratches. Make sure to place the furniture securely alone and be aware of any items that may shift and fall on it during the move.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

If you feel as though you are a bit over your head in moving your leather furniture, it is encouraged that you ask for help. A professional mover can have your furniture wrapped, packed, and ready to go quickly and easily. Bekins Moving Solutions is always here to lend a helping hand!

If you are moving leather furniture and would like some assistance, contact the expert movers at Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 today for your free moving quote!