Moving Kit Essentials for a Smooth Transition

Moving Kit Essentials for a Smooth Transition

You can’t start moving into your new home until you have your moving kit essentials down pat. It’ll take a little bit of time, effort and organization, but it will save you an abundance of stress when moving day arrives.

The good news is that you probably already have the following items in your current household. However, they won’t do any good on moving day if they’re all stored in separate boxes. So, the secret to creating the ultimate moving kit is to gather these items and place them together in a box labeled “moving kit essentials”. By doing so, you can instantly access this box as soon as the moving truck is unloaded, and have everything you need right in one place. It’ll save you plenty of time and hassle, as you don’t have to rummage through hundreds of boxes just to find all these miscellaneous items.

So if you’re ready for a smooth transition, grab a box, make a list and start packing your moving kit essentials:

1) Chargers

10 years ago, chargers would have never been considered an essential. However, in this digital age, you simply can’t go anywhere without the cords that fuel up your electronics. You may not need to your tablet and laptop chargers, but you certainly want to pack your smartphone chargers and maybe even a charging bank. This is even more important if your smartphone is also your alarm clock.

2) First Aid Kit

Even professional movers get hurt sometimes. So, you always want to have a basic first aid kit on hand – and not stored away in ‘one of those boxes over there’. A day full of heavy boxes, bulky furniture, steep stairs and narrow door frames can cause some bumps and bruises. Fortunately, it’s nothing some Band-Aids, ice packs and ibuprofen can’t fix! Moving into a new home isn’t like arriving at a hotel, although that would be nice. Unfortunately, there won’t be any toilet paper, tiny shampoo and conditioner bottles, or even hand soap. So be sure to add toiletries into your kit to keep things fresh and clean throughout moving day.

3) Hygiene Products

Don’t forget to also include your daily hygiene products, such as your toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash, mouth rinse, deodorant, makeup and whatever else you use regularly

4) Shower Curtains

The last thing you want to do is cause water damage to your new home. While the previous homeowners may have left their shower curtain hanging, you just never know where it’s been. So play it safe and pack your own in your moving kit.

5) Spare Batteries

Batteries are one of those things where you only ever need them when you don’t have them. So, store some extra batteries into your moving kit for those ‘just in case’ scenarios.

6) Flashlights

Chances are, you’ve already activated the electricity in your new household. However, flashlights are always good to have on hand in case of an emergency. You may also have to crawl into dark, unlit storage spaces, throughout the move and a flashlight will help you navigate these spaces effectively and efficiently.

7) Bedding

You don’t have to pack all the comforters, sheets, and pillows from every bedroom into your moving kit, but you need some sort of bedding. Often times, sleeping bags are the best for the first couple of nights in your new home. They’re compact and comfy.

8) Towels

You’ll need some hand towels and shower towels to clean up after a full day of moving.

9) Cleaning Products

This is the one time where your new home is going to be completely empty, so take advantage of it. Pack in some multi-purpose cleaning supplies and paper towels and give the surfaces a good scrub to make the house feel more like home.

10) Paper Plates, Utensils and Cups

There’s no need to start unpacking the breakable stuff just yet. Instead, pull out some paper plates, utensils and cups and chow down. As a bonus, you don’t have to do the dishes on your first night in your new house.

11) Tools

No matter what, you’ll always find a purpose for tools on moving day. If you don’t want to lug around a heavy toolbox, just pack a utility knife, duct tape and drill in your kit.

12) New Locks

Lastly, and most importantly, change the locks before you call it a night. You never know who or how many people have access to your new home if you don’t change the locks.

Pack these items together in your moving kit essentials box, and make sure it’s the first box you open when you move into your home to ensure a smooth transition.