Moving With Kids – What To Pack And What To …

Moving With Kids – What To Pack And What To  …

Moving with kids is no easy feat. It seems things are being removed from boxes as quickly as they’re being packed. That’s also not to mention the abundance of children items that need to be sorted, packed, and transported. Fortunately, Bekins Moving Solutions can help you with that but first, you’re going to want to decide what to pack and what to leave.

Leave Their Wardrobe on the Hangers

Kids grow fast and it seems like you’re constantly having to add new items to their wardrobe while keeping the old ones because they still fit. As such, moving a child’s wardrobe can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply leave the clothes on the hangers and use wardrobe boxes to move them from one closet (and home) to the next.

Some moving companies will even move dressers full of clothes, but this is something you’ll want to inquire about with the specific company you choose.

Store the Baby Stuff You’re Holding Onto ‘Just in Case’

As a parent anticipating a new arrival somewhere in the near future, the mere thought of having to repurchase all of the baby equipment can set off budget alarms. While there’s no denying that saving old baby stuff for the future is a frugal choice, they happen to also be big, bulky and take up valuable space within your home.

Instead, choose to store your future baby items in a storage unit to get more out of your move and new humble abode. When the time comes, all of the items are there for you, at your leisure.

Store the Piles of Amazing Artwork and Crafts

We wouldn’t dare recommend throwing away your child’s amazing creations. However, as every parent can attest to, you likely have way more than needed to decorate every home on the street. So, instead of transferring boxes of artwork that you likely rarely go into from one house to the next, store their masterpieces in a storage unit. They’ll be there whenever you need and they won’t be taking up valuable space within your new home.

Take This Time to Clear Out Old Toys

Take this time to clear out all those toys your child doesn’t play with. They’ll only notice them missing if they physically see you get rid of them. So, while the kids are off playing, visiting grandma for the weekend or enjoying summer camp, take photos of those toys and post them online on a classified website or many of social media’s buy and sell groups. This is an excellent way to make some extra cash while also clearing out clutter – and the less you have to move, the more you can save on moving services.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Whether you’re shipping your kids off to spend the night with their grandparents or will be recruiting them to help with the move, don’t forget to pack an overnight bag. It should include enough to survive for a day or two – two sets of clothes, two sets of pajamas, toothbrush, and toothpaste, a couple of their favorite toys,

Lastly, don’t start packing your children’s belongings up until the end. Otherwise, you’ll likely have to re-pack them several times, as your child will insist on finding that sweater they haven’t worn in a year or reading the book they’ve never seen before. Once you’re ready to begin the moving process, Bekins Moving Solutions can take over and do the hard work for you – from the packing to the loading, unloading, disassembling and reassembling of your furniture, and more.