Moving In With Your Partner For The First Time

Moving In With Your Partner For The First Time

Moving in with your significant other is a major milestone in life. Congratulations. This is an exciting time in your relationship and one that should certainly be more enjoyable than it is stressful. To ensure a happy and successful move, we’ve put together these helpful moving tips for couples moving in together for the first time.

Get Organized

The more prepared and organized you are for the move, the less stressful it’ll be. Put together a list of tasks that need to be completed, along with deadlines for each to ensure a smooth moving process from start to finish. You can also use this list to delegate and monitor tasks. Cloud services, such as Google Docs, make it easy to share any updates with one another.

Start The Moving Process Early

Once you have your to-do list completed, it’s time to start tackling the tasks as soon as possible. The earlier you can complete them, the more enjoyable the moving process will be as a whole, as you won’t be forced to scramble around at the last minute.
While there will be various moving tasks that can’t be completed until closer to the date, the majority of the most tedious ones can, such as packing your belongings.

Go Through your Belongings Together and Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

As you begin to go through your belongings, you’ll notice that you’ll have double of everything – dinnerware, furniture, linens, etc.
Plan a day to go through each other’s belongings, together as a couple. This will help you decide what you need for the new home, which of your items to keep for the home and which ones can be discarded or donated.

For the Rest of your Belongings, Rent a Storage Unit

If you’re having a hard time parting way with your things, worry no longer. Just because some of your belongings won’t be making the move into your new humble abode with your beau doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of them.

Renting a storage unit is an excellent option for couples moving in together, as it’ll give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you would like to keep certain items for the future. It also provides both of you the opportunity to keep your belongings that don’t need to be in the home, such as a large trophy collection from your childhood or memorabilia from the past.

Shop New Décor Together

It’s important to remember that moving in together is exhilarating! Instead of spending your nights packing up boxes, take some time to participate in some of the most exciting parts of moving. Take a trip to some local markets to pick up some new décor or play around with the different palettes you can decorate with; get some personalized pieces that embrace this moment and celebrate.

Leave it to the Pros

To experience nothing but excitement and enjoyment during this major milestone within your relationship, consider hiring professional movers. Bekins Moving Solutions is a full-service mover that offers professional services to ensure an easy and stress-free move for homeowners. Our professionals will handle the most tedious and complex moving tasks – from packing to transportation, the disassembly, and reassembly of furniture, and more.


Don’t let the excitement end once you’re all packed up and ready to move into your new humble abode. Carry the fun into the next chapter by decorating your home together.