Moving in together

Living on our own gives us the freedom to do precisely what we want whenever we want to do it, but when we live with someone else we have to take into account the desires, needs and wants of another individual.  This is not always easy, particularly if differences arise unexpectedly and quickly; however, there are some tips to help you to cope.

In most cases any disagreements or tensions that arise after you have decided to move in together are caused by miscommunications or misunderstandings.  A number of these problems can be removed by ensuring that you both have talked through a variety of basic practical matters prior to taking the plunge to live together.  This includes preferences and habits you may not have discovered about one another while you were dating, including whether household chores should be handled daily or only as needed.

Other questions that you should discuss with your partner prior to a move include the frequency in which you both attend religious services, the speed in which you pay your bills and deal with problems in general, whether you make your bed in the morning, and the kind of meals you like to eat at home.

Boundaries are important even with people who choose to live together.  A healthy relationship keeps two individuals intact rather than merging into one entity, and clear boundaries should be drawn so that each person has their own space in the new home.