Moving in together

Moving in together

So you have fallen in love and are now looking to take the next big step in your relationship by merging lives and homes with your partner.  Moving in together only makes sense given that you spend most of your time together anyway, right?  Given how much time you already spend together, making a move to cohabit might seem as if it will be a simple and easy transition, but it is still important to both physically and mentally prepare for such an important event.

It is very different to live with someone than it is to just date them, as there is no longer the option of retreating to your own residence when you feel like some time on your own.  The good news is that making that next step can be successful and happy as long as you follow a few pieces of sensible advice.

Finances are one thing that needs to be discussed early on.  Money may not be the most romantic of subjects, but you need to make certain that you are on the same page when you move in together.  Before the relocation, you should have a discussion over how to split the rent; this may not always be 50% each.

You may be moving into your partner’s current home or into a home that will be new to both of you.  Honesty about how much you can afford is very important, and discussing early on how bills will be split will save any confusion further down the line.

Jon Huser