Moving In To A Vacation House

Moving In To A Vacation House

Staying in a home away from home while on vacation is a dream. Buying a vacation home is an important investment. Not only does it provide a wealth of fun but can be a great investment. If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase a vacation house make sure to follow the below important steps involved in preparing and maintaining your property.

Opening and Closing

Before you move in, you need to make sure the house is livable and there aren’t any issues with city services or utilities. Make sure you contact all necessary companies-even for your regular residence – and let them know your plans so you don’t incur unneeded costs and waste energy. Essentially you need to “close” your primary residence, and “open” your vacation home. Determine if there are certain utilities that need to be engaged all year long, and which ones only need to be used for the duration on your stay or, if you rent out your vacation home, the times that guests will be occupying it. Some vacation homes are off grid and will require a refill of their potable water or propane tanks in order to be ready for the vacation season.


There’s a strong possibility that your vacation property came with a few creature comforts when you obtained it. However, it’s natural to want to make it your own space and for it to be a reflection of you and your family. Before you move in, take an inventory of everything that is there currently and make a list of things you need to replace or purchase. Check furniture for condition, comfort, and if it will still be able to serve you, your family, and your guests for a long time. Are there other things you use at home that you’ve become accustomed to? Think about small kitchen appliances, electronics, books, etc. Make a mental note of the activities you hope to partake in while you’re there and plan to have the things you need for these activities.


Physically moving your things on your own to your vacation home can be a monumental task. In addition to maintaining your primary house, you’ll need to coordinate everything for your second space. Consider hiring a moving company to ease the process of relocating. Bekins Moving Solutions can handle your move from start to finish and will take care of everything from packing up and moving, to storing your things until you’re ready to transport them. Whether your vacation home is local, across the country, or overseas, they’ve got you covered. Not only that but they will securely handle your possessions with the utmost care as if it were their own property.

At the end of the day, your vacation home should be a relaxing retreat – a place where you can kick back for a short or long vacation. Proper maintenance and planning ahead will ensure that your stay there is problem-free and restful and that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come with all your friends and family.