Moving – Will Your Furniture Fit?

Moving – Will Your Furniture Fit?

Moving is stressful enough without finding out that your furniture does not fit when you get to your new home. How many people do you know who completed a move and had to get rid of their sofa at the last minute because it was too big? The size and shape your furniture needs to be a consideration when moving to a new place. Bekins Moving Solutions has encountered several clients that this has happened to, so we have some great tips for ensuring your furniture is a perfect fit for your new home.

Plan to Downsize

If you are downsizing your home, you may find that the rooms in your new home are smaller. With less size to work with, you will need to rethink your furniture requirements. This downsizing may require you to make some hard decisions about items that you own, particularly larger pieces. Take a few weeks before your move to plan your downsize.

Take Notes and Measurements

Obtaining the measurements of your new home is essential and you should also measure your furniture to see whether it is going to take up too much space. Make a list of all your big furniture items and their dimensions. If possible, visit your new home before you move. Using the dimensions you have recorded, figure out which pieces will fit and which will not.

Sell What You Don’t Need

If you have furniture that isn’t going to fit in your new home, you should plan to sell it a few weeks before your move. There are several websites you could post it online or ask family or friends if they are in need of a new piece of furniture. It is easy enough to find a new home for furniture and you can make a little money from it to put towards smaller replacement pieces.

Replace Where It Makes Sense

People make the common mistake of selling their old furniture, only to buy a bunch of new stuff that clutters a smaller home. Sometimes the furniture you already have can be repurposed and reused. For example, an end table that will no longer fit beside your bed could be repurposed for the living room. Take an inventory of all your belongings, keep an open mind, and try to imagine alternative uses for things you already have.

Preparation Saves You Money

There is no point paying a moving company to move items such as sofas if you are not going to have the space for them. Checking this in advance can save you a lot of time and money. While checking dimensions may seem tedious, adding this chore to your moving checklist and spending a little time on it as early in the process can save you a major headache.

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