Moving house: things you need to know

Moving house: things you need to know

Moving house is rarely quite as simple as it may appear, and there is far more to it than just packing and then unpacking a few cardboard boxes.

The best way to begin any move is to have a massive cleanout.  The key to a really serious cleanout is to make sure that by the time you have finished this cleanout, you will have nothing left except for the items you actually use.  This means that you have to throw away all of those things that have been left to gather dust in the cellar, as well as anything which you have not used for more than 12 months.  The number of things which are no longer any use that most people have packed away in their attics or in their garden shed would amaze you.

The deadliest foe of movers is paperwork.  If you are like the great majority of people and are not particularly organized then paperwork can sometimes seem as though it is getting everywhere – kitchen drawers, magazine holders etc.

A big cleanout has a number of distinct benefits if handled in the proper manner. The primary benefit is that you will be freeing up a significant degree of space for storage, which is something that can be extremely useful if you are in the process of downsizing.

Another benefit of a cleanout is that when you come to unpack, you will do so within a far more organized environment.