Moving Furniture Can Be a Pain Especially If You D …

Moving Furniture Can Be a Pain Especially If You D …

With so many options for moving day supplies available, it can be difficult determining which ones you actually need for moving day. While moving boxes and packing peanuts are highly recommended, there are some things you should absolutely never start moving without – moving equipment.

The proper moving equipment will promote a safe and effective moving experience. There’s no need to risk breaking your belongings or your body on moving day. So, say goodbye to back strain, muscle aches, and fear of broken couches by taking advantage of these moving tools when moving furniture.

A Utility or Furniture Dolly for Easy Moving

A dolly will inarguably become an integral part of moving day… If you have one. Fortunately, most moving truck rentals come with a furniture dolly inside of it. However, they often come at an additional charge. Be prepared by informing the moving truck company that you’ll be renting a dolly so you can then calculate these costs into your moving day budget.

Additionally, you may want to consider renting both a utility dolly and a furniture dolly to speed things up on moving day. This also allows you to use a utility dolly for major appliances, such as a washer and dryer, while using the furniture dolly can be used for large pieces of furniture, such as a dresser or couch.

Moving Straps for Heavy Lifting

While moving straps may seem like an unnecessary moving day luxury, you’ll regret not having them when your moving day has heading into a second day because your body is sore. Moving straps are designed to carry heavy and awkward furniture pieces. They’re an exceptionally versatile moving tool and can be used to carry everything from major appliances to large sectionals, heavy televisions and much more. Your back will appreciate this moving day rental.

Furniture Sliders for Easy Transportation

In addition to moving straps, sliders are an amazing piece of moving equipment that will speed up the day and save you from back strain. Furniture is heavy. There’s no doubt about that. Sliders do exactly what they say; slide your furniture through the home and to the moving truck. It’s recommended to use the moving ropes to place and remove the furniture from the slider and the rest is smooth sailing.

Stair Rollers for Moving Furniture Downstairs

Similar to sliders, a stair roller allows you to move heavy items downstairs. You just attach the device and easily slide all kinds of heavy items down the stairs. As such, this is not only a practical piece of moving equipment but one that can prevent serious injury.

Moving Blankets for Protecting Furniture

Although a blanket isn’t a piece of moving equipment per se, it is definitely worthy of being on this list. Unlike blankets in your home, moving blankets are designed to provide a strong, durable, protective layer for your furniture. It can take some time to carefully wrap your pieces of furniture but it’s worth it in the end when your furniture arrives at your new home scratch free.

But You Can Actually Go Without Any of the Above

All these tips are essential for anyone who plans to load their items into a moving truck. But, when you work with a full service moving company like Bekins Moving Solutions, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Our professional movers will provide the dollies, the blankets and do all the heavy lifting.

One surefire way to slow down your moving day is having everything ready to go with no way to move it. You can’t put a price on safety. Ensure a safe and effective move by renting must have moving day equipment. Just be sure to calculate these moving day costs into your budget so you aren’t left with a surprising fee at the end of the day.