Moving from the City to a Rural Area

Moving from the City to a Rural Area

Rural Area Movers

When you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, you may begin to dream about a quiet life in the country. Visions of sitting on your porch, drinking a long glass of iced tea, while watching the world go by may start to sound quite heavenly. The truth is, if you are used to city life, the country may be a bit of a culture shock. MyBekins helps families and businesses move from the city to the country on a daily basis. Through our experiences, we have learned a thing or two about adapting to a new location. Here are a few things you need to know before moving to a rural area from the city.

Decreased Walkability

When you live in the city, many things are a convenient walk or cab ride away. You may be used to walking to your favorite restaurant or strolling to the nearest grocery store. In rural areas, walking isn’t always the most feasible option. In the country, things are much more spread out. Depending on how far out you go, public transportation may not be available. If you don’t already own a car, bike, or moped, it may be worth the investment before you move.

Directional Confusion

When you move into a rural area, you may start to notice that there is very little directional signage. When you relocate, go on an exploratory drive around the town. Find out where the nearest hospital is, as well as other important locations such as the courthouse, fire station, and police station.

Peace and Quiet

When you lived in the city, you may have resided in an apartment or condominium with shared walls. Your neighbor’s business was your business because you could hear just about everything going on. When you move to a rural area, it may be so quiet that it makes you uneasy. Many people use the term “deafening silence” to describe the adjustment period. Don’t worry, you will adjust and come to appreciate the peaceful environment country life offers.

Rural Charm

One of the main attractive qualities of moving to the country is the small town charm. Your rural neighbors may be friendlier than the ones you had in the city. Life moves a little slower, so people often seem more laid-back and relaxed. Don’t be surprised if some of them appear on your doorstep with some baked goods to welcome you to town.

Moving from the city to a rural area is quite a big life adjustment. But, as long as you are prepared for the change, you will find the transition is easy as pie. Just remember, take things slow and move at your pace. After all, that is what your rural neighbors will be doing.

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