Moving From NYC to Sarasota Guide

Moving From NYC to Sarasota Guide

Traveling to Sarasota

If you had to pick two locations that were any more different, it would likely be New York City and Sarasota. The sheer distance of moving from NYC to Sarasota will make your move a bit more difficult. Luckily, Bekins Moving Solutions has gone through and created a moving guide especially for you. With the right information, you can prepare for a much smoother transition. As always, if you need professional assistance with your move, contact Bekins Moving Solutions right away. We are happy to help you get from NYC to Sarasota.

When you are moving from NYC to Sarasota, a big part of your planning will involve how to get to your new home. The 1,185-mile journey is not a short drive by any means. Many people opt to fly, but you can make an enjoyable road trip out of it. To help you decide, the average rates of each transportation options are below:

Average Bus Fare: $89-120/per person
Average Air Fare: $245-400/per person
Average Cost to Drive: $145/per vehicle*

*Cost may vary depending on the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Pit Stop Information

If you decide to drive when moving from NYC to Sarasota, you have about a 19-hour adventure ahead of you. You will want to break up your trip to arrive in Sarasota safely. We have gathered some great information to use during your trip.

I-95 Exit Guide– This is a fantastic resource for those traveling long distances along I-95. It has information about restaurants, lodging, rest areas, overnight stops, and more!

I-75 Exit Guide– Once you get near Ocala, you will switch over to the I-75 until you reach Sarasota. If you need to make a stop, this is a great guide to everything you will need until you reach your new home.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge– On your trip through Georgia, consider stopping at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Stop by the visitor center for information on trails, scenery, and educational tours!

City Comparison

How Does Sarasota Compare to NYC?

If you are moving from NYC to Sarasota, you are probably a bit uneasy about what to expect. While Sarasota is still a nice sized city with a population of 692,000, it is going to seem a lot less crowded as NYC regarding population per square mile. Cost of living in Sarasota is much lower than NYC as well. Median housing prices in Sarasota are more than half the cost of NYC. While median income is lower in Sarasota, your money will go a lot further. Sarasota has a lively nightlife with plenty to do and see, which will be comforting from someone moving from NYC to Sarasota. The year-round mild weather in Sarasota may be a bit of a pleasant shock to someone in NYC. While the two cities are vastly different in weather, economy, and culture, anyone from the East Coast will find Sarasota a welcome change.

Commuting in Sarasota

The majority of residents commute via car rather than utilizing public transportation. Public transportation is limited, especially compared to NYC. Sarasota has SCAT bus service that is available around the city. SCAT runs from downtown to Siesta Key during the week and Saturday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. They have a few stops along the route in downtown, St. Armands, Longboat, and Lido Keys. If you are interested in bus routes, the SCAT official website has more information, including transportation for disabled persons.

We sincerely hope this guide for moving from NYC to Sarasota has been useful. If you are starting to plan your move, call Bekins Moving Solutions today. Give us a call at (877) 594-1187 for a free moving estimate.