Moving From Jacksonville to Orlando Guide

Moving From Jacksonville to Orlando Guide

Traveling to Orlando

When you are moving from Jacksonville to Orlando, you may feel like your to-do list will never get completed. While intrastate moving may seem like it would be easier, planning can be deceptively difficult. Hiring a professional moving company can help you create a moving strategy that will have you settled in no time. Bekins Moving Solutions helps people moving from Jacksonville to Orlando, along with everywhere else. Through years of experience, we have found all the tips and tricks to make the move as easy as possible. For assistance with your move, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today!

With only 140 miles between Jacksonville to Orlando, you don’t have far to go. While most people opt to drive, you do have a few other transportation options to get to your new city. The average prices of the available transportation options are below:

Average Bus Fare: $14-17/per person
Average Air Fare: $253-270/per person
Average Cost to Drive: $10/per vehicle*

*Cost may vary depending on the gas mileage of your vehicle and current gas prices.

Best Pit Stops

The trip from Jacksonville to Orlando is a quick two hours depending on traffic. The fastest route is down the beautiful I-95 until you hit Daytona Beach and switch over to I-4. While the drive isn’t long, you can really make it an adventure when you stop at the best locations along the way. Here are some of our favorite pit stops when moving from Jacksonville to Orlando.

Uptown Scratch Kitchen– About halfway through your drive, you will pass by St. Augustine. Take a slight detour to explore the city and eat at Uptown Scratch Kitchen. As one of the best food trucks in the city, it is known for world-class chowder, fried chicken, and Creole cooking.

Official I-95 Rest Areas– If you are looking for a barebones place to stop, stretch your legs, and regroup, there are quite a few on your trip. Check out this list of official rest areas and service plazas.

Caribbean Jack’s Restaurant and Bar If you want to come to a lively place with a fun theme head over to Caribbean Jack’s in Daytona Beach right off the water. Known for its Low Country Boil, spectacular mahi-mahi, and fresh seafood, it is a local favorite worth checking out.

City Comparison

How Does Orlando Compare to Jacksonville?

Even though Jacksonville and Orlando are close in proximity, there are some key differences between cities. Orlando has a bit of a higher cost of living compared to Jacksonville. Jacksonville’s median household income is approximately $52,000 compared to Orlando’s $47,875. However, Orlando’s median housing prices are $165,700 compared to Jacksonville’s $158,500. This may mean having to budget a bit more while living in Orlando. Although Jacksonville has a vibrant night life, you may be surprised at how much there is to do and see in Orlando. As one of the main tourist destinations in the United States due to the abundance of theme parks, there is ample diversity in family activities.

Commuting in Orlando

As a big tourist destination, Orlando has several different ways to commute around the city. There is a fairly large bus system called LYNX, which is affordable and reasonably reliable. Many people choose to commute by car, as LYNX doesn’t always travel to the less-visited areas of the city. Be careful of toll roads if you are short of change; many of them vary in price ranging from 25 cents to several dollars. If you will be passing tolls on a regular basis, think about investing in an E-Pass for faster commuting. Traffic in Orlando is a bit more congested than Jacksonville, but average for a large city. Traffic seems to worsen in summer and spring with the influx of tourists. If you want to avoid traffic, travel during off-hours or live close to your place of employment.

If you are moving from Jacksonville to Orlando, we hope this guide has been helpful. For more information about Bekins Moving Solutions’ professional moving services, call (877) 594-1187 for your free moving estimate.