Moving From Jacksonville to Miami Guide

Moving From Jacksonville to Miami Guide

Traveling to Miami

If you are moving from Jacksonville to Miami, you may be starting to stress out about how much there is to do. The key to a seamless transition is proper planning and preparation. Part of that plan should be hiring a professional mover like Bekins Moving Solutions. We have extensive experience in assisting customers moving from Jacksonville to Miami. As such, we have created this handy guide to assist you in your relocation. If you would like expert help with your move, call our office for your free quote.

The 346-mile journey from Jacksonville to Miami can be done one of many ways. Some adventurous spirits choose to drive, many fly, and there are affordable busing options. Average prices of each of the options are below:

Average Bus Fare: $38-58/per person
Average Air Fare: $143-300/per person
Average Cost to Drive: $38/per vehicle*

*Cost may vary depending on the gas mileage of your vehicle and current gas prices.

Best Pit Stops

If you choose to hit the road, you have approximately five hours of travel time when moving from Jacksonville to Miami. To help make the trip memorable and comfortable, you will want to make a few stops. There are many great places to stretch your legs on your trip down to The Magic City.

Daytona Brickyard– On your way down to Miami, you will pass by the beautiful city of Daytona Beach. While in town, check out Daytona Brickyard. This down-home diner is full of American classics that will keep you happy and full during your move.

Official I-95 Rest Areas– The majority of your travels will be along the infamous I-95. There is a list of official I-95 rest areas and service plazas that are a great place to get out, stretch your legs, and clean up.

PLAYMOBIL FunPark If your kids are getting a bit antsy towards the end of your drive, consider a stop at PLAYMOBIL FunPark in Palm Beach Gardens. With several playgrounds, activities, and 13,000 sq. ft. of play space, it is sure to be an appreciated break from the road. Stop here and release some energy before finishing the last leg of your drive.

City Comparison

How Does Miami Compare to Jacksonville?

While Jacksonville and Miami are both in the same state, the two cities are vastly different. The cost of living in Miami is considerably higher than Jacksonville. However, Miami has a certain tropical charm and year-round warm weather that has people lining up to move in. Jacksonville’s median household income is approximately $52,000, which is considerably more than Miami’s $43,752. Miami’s median housing price is $215,300 compared to Jacksonville’s $158,500. You may have to adjust your budget to allow more room for living expenses. Miami is a great place to live if you are involved in commerce, the arts, or international trade. Compared to Jacksonville, Miami has an unbeatable nightlife, never-ending events, and unique activities.

Commuting in Miami

Because of the high cost of living in the city, many people opt to commute to the city from the suburbs, so there are many different commuting options when it comes to getting around Miami. The Tri-Rail provides both bus and rail service around Miami. There is also MetrorailMetroBus, and MetroMover options throughout the county. Traffic can be pretty severe around the city. With the economic boom, there have been many road improvements throughout the area that cause traffic delays. To avoid traffic, try to stay off the roads during peak traffic times and give yourself extra time when traveling along popular roads such as Biscayne BoulevardCollins Ave, or Ocean Drive.

If you are moving from Jacksonville to Miami, we hope this guide is helpful during your relocation process. For more information about Bekins Moving Solutions’ professional moving services, call (877) 594-1187 for a free moving estimate.