Moving From Jacksonville to Atlanta

Moving From Jacksonville to Atlanta

Traveling to Atlanta

When you are moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta, you may be a bit overwhelmed by your to-do list. Local moves are hard enough, but a move to another state means a whole lot more planning and coordination with moving professionals. Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to assist you when you are moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta. With the right help, you will find that your transition can be easier than you ever imagined.

The 346-mile journey to Atlanta from Jacksonville isn’t terribly far. However, depending on your circumstances, you may rather fly than drive. You can also take bus transportation if you want to see the beautiful sights of the southeastern United States without having to take the drive yourself. To help you decide, we have gathered the average prices of transport below:

Average Bus Fare: $15-25/per person
Average Air Fare: $150-200/per person
Average Cost to Drive: $26/per vehicle*

*Cost may vary depending on the gas mileage of your vehicle and current gas prices.

Best Pit Stops

If you are driving for your move from Jacksonville to Atlanta, you will want to take the main driving route along I-75. Taking the shortest route, you can expect a journey of approximately 4 hours and 52 minutes with optimal traffic conditions. The drive is nothing to shake a stick at! You will definitely want to make a few stops along the way. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Bistro at 219– If you are looking for a great spot to stop halfway during moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta, Tifton, GA is your spot. The Bistro at 219 is a great modern southern eatery known for its burgers and desserts. You can expect friendly service, delicious food, and a full belly.

Interstate Rest Areas– Depending on the route you take, the majority of your time will be spent along I-75. Here is a list of official interstate rest areas where you can take a break and stretch your legs.

Ellis Brothers Pecans On your way to Atlanta, stop by Ellis Brothers Pecans, a tradition in Georgia. This family-owned and operated business has been serving up delicious pecans since 1944. Pecans are the perfect filling treat to give you the energy for your move.

City Comparison

How Does Atlanta Compare to Jacksonville?

Many people moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta discover that the cities have a lot in common in the friendliness of the residents, weather, and exciting things to do. Jacksonville’s median household income is approximately $52,000 compared to Atlanta’s $57,000. Median home price in Atlanta is $162,200 compared to Jacksonville’s $158,500. The two cities are comparable in their economies and business opportunities. However, Atlanta has experienced a rather large economic boom within the last few years, which has attracted many new tech companies to settle in the area. Moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta is a fantastic financial decision for most.

Commuting in Atlanta

Commuting in Atlanta can be tough at times due to the rapid growth that the city has experienced in the last year or so. As a response to the traffic, the Atlanta Regional Commission has developed several commute options for those that have to travel to and from the city. Georgia has initiated the “Guaranteed Ride Home” program, which provides technical and financial assistance for employers to ensure their employees are able to travel to and from their place of business. Atlanta also has public transportation options such as the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), which provides public transportation across the city. Traffic in the city is comparable to larger cities and is more congested during rush hours. With proper planning, commuting in Atlanta is a breeze.

We hope that this guide for moving from Jacksonville to Atlanta can help you during your relocation. For more information about our professional moving services, call Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call (877) 594-1187 for your free moving estimate.