Moving From Dallas to Austin Guide

Moving From Dallas to Austin Guide

Getting to Austin

Austin has seen a huge boom in recent years, especially because of people moving to Austin from other large cities in Texas.

If you are moving from Dallas to Austin, you may be a bit frazzled with all there is to do and learn about your new home. Bekins Moving Solutions has taken the guesswork out of moving by creating this handy-dandy guide for your move from Dallas to Austin. If you would like help with your relocation, give Bekins Moving Solutions a call today!

The distance between Dallas and Austin is not too far, but it certainly could be a long drive, depending on your circumstances. It may be a good idea to weigh your different options before deciding to fly or drive. The average rates of each transportation option are below:

Average Bus Fare: $13-22 per person
Average Airfare: $116.00 per person
Average Cost to Drive: $14 per vehicle*

*Cost may vary depending on gas mileage of your vehicle.

Best Pit Stops

While the 195-mile trip from Dallas to Austin may be a bit short for a road trip, you can certainly make it a fun drive. Bekins Moving Solutions has done all the research about where you should stop during your journey. Here are the best pit stops along the way!

Czech Stop: This is one of the most unique (and delicious) stops you can make when you are moving from Dallas to Austin. This place has fantastic kolaches and other Czech bakery favorites, as well as historical items.

Royers Cafe: One of the last true American cafes, this location serves up home-style cooking (as well as large slices of pie) with a smile. If you want to be pleasantly stuffed, check out Royers!

Official Interstate Rest Stops: This is a map of the rest areas that are currently maintained along the route between Dallas and Austin. Take a break from the road at one of these simple, yet effective, stops.

City Comparison

How Does Austin Compare to Dallas?

Dallas and Austin are alike in their economic power and affluence, but their character and vibe is radically different. Dallas has a diverse mix of events, music, and a young, professional feel, but Austin’s motto “Keep Austin Weird” defines its city vibe. Austin is a blend of music, art, craft beer, and hipster-chic. Austin has recently become the place to be for young professionals, particularly tech start-ups. Think of Austin as the Silicon Valley in Texas.

The median home price in Austin is about $200,000 which is a bit more expensive than Dallas’s $150,000 median home price. Median income is also a bit higher in Austin, to account for the higher standard of living. All in all, Dallas and Austin are financially comparable but vastly different in culture.

Commuting in Austin

Due to the big boom in population, highways have not yet caught up in handling the volume of vehicles on the road. If you are commuting to downtown, you may want to consider traffic as a factor in your commute time. There is public transportation via the Austin METRO rail and bus system. However, the rail only runs near downtown and may not reach where you need to go. The majority of Austin residents get around with their vehicles or live close enough to work to walk.

If you are moving from Dallas to Austin, we hope this guide has been helpful. If you would like Bekins Moving Solutions’s help with your next move, give us a call today at (877) 594-1187 for a free moving estimate.