Moving Electronics to the Office

Moving Electronics to the Office

In this day and age, technology is completely ingrained in our lives. We rely on it so heavily for everything- it is the driving force behind so many of our businesses and everyday tasks. Because of this, it is essential to make your electronics a high priority while relocating to a new space. The utmost care is required to ensure their safety. The following tips will help you safely pack and move your electronics.

Save the Boxes

This one requires some foresight, but if you know you’re moving, try to save the original boxes that your electronics came in. Reusing these boxes is the safest way to repackage your belongings in order to move them from point A to point B. If you no longer have the original boxes, make sure you securely pack everything very well. Use bubble wrap, packing paper and moving blankets for extra padding. Be sure to cushion larger items like tv’s and computer screens during transport so they don’t move around and potentially break.


There is a good chance that the product manuals have pertinent information regarding repacking, moving, or storing your electronics. Take a look at what the manufacturer recommends. This is especially crucial for larger pieces like televisions, computers, printers, etc.


One of the most confusing things about packing up your electronics, is that mass amount of cords that seems to accumulate. It’s a wise idea to label each cord with what piece of technology it pertains to and then pack it in the same box. If you find you have leftover cords after your move, hang onto them in case you discover which piece it belongs to. Another option is to color-code your cords with their respective counterpart. You can even buy wire labels from most electronics shops that will be color-coded and more resilient to tearing off during the move.

Hire Professionals

Moving your electronics is a sensitive and finicky task. The last thing you or your business needs, is to have to replace thousands of dollars worth of machinery that is essential to your day today. Technology is a costly investment and if you are intimidated by the job, the best decision is to hire a professional moving company. Bekins Moving Solutions offers affordable and professional moving services. They will handle the task from start to finish and you can rely on them to take the utmost care when handling your electronics, as well as anything else you might need to move. Contact them for a free estimate and give yourself that piece of mind.