Moving company storage services – what not to do

Moving company storage services – what not to do

When it comes to using your moving company storage services, there are plenty of things that you can do and also plenty of things that you should not do. Your moving company will be able to give you guidelines on this and you should adhere to these guidelines as much as possible.

One tip is not to store items in bags wherever possible. When using plastic bags you will find that they get squashed and ripped, even if you are only using storage services for a few days. It is far better to invest in boxes and cartons to store items to give them maximum protection. Your moving company will be able to supply boxes if you do not have them.

Make sure that you do not pack away important personal papers. It can be a while before you can get access to these items again and you never know when you are going to need them. Save time and effort by keeping your personal papers with you during the process of moving house and make sure that they are in a sealed box or container to protect them from damage.

Do not simply tell the moving company that everything is to be taken into storage. The staff will be likely to simply pick everything up and move it, and you may then find that things such as your pre-packed overnight bags and your personal papers are taken to the storage facilities before you realize it. Place what should not be taken by the movers in a separate room and ask your moving company to leave this room alone.