Moving company storage security

Moving company storage security

When you are using your moving company’s storage services, you may be concerned about security. Your personal possessions could be in storage for days, weeks or even months before you are ready to move them to your new place and you want to know that the storage facilities are safe and secure.

Talk to your moving company about its storage services before you have everything moved and find out what arrangements are in place for security. It could be that the units are covered by security cameras, alarms or other measures to prevent a break-in. You also need to know that there are strict measures in place for access to your possessions. You want to know that you can get access when you need to, but at the same time you do not want just anyone to be able to walk in and claim they are you.

Ask if you can take a look at the storage facilities before your items are moved there. It could be that you need to see the facilities for yourself to be reassured that everything will be fine. Find out whether the storage is in the form of containers or self-contained units so you have an idea about how well protected your possessions will be.

It is also worth asking whether the unit is manned 24 hours a day or whether there are times when there is nobody there to take care of your possessions. This could make a difference to your final decision.