Moving company storage for offices

Moving company storage for offices

With the majority of office moves it is likely that storage services will not be needed, as this is likely to mean downtime for the company; however, storage services could prove to be useful in some situations.

On some occasions it may not be possible for your business to move instantly from one building to another. This means that some sort of storage will be required and there is no reason why your moving company cannot handle this requirement for you.

Talk to your moving company about any specialist equipment you have that will need to be handled carefully. Most moving companies have plenty of storage space available and will be able to deal with large-scale equipment and office furniture easily. You should also be able to arrange specialist lifting and moving equipment in advance, if required, but remember to plan for this. Large-scale equipment may need ground floor storage and this might have to be booked a little further in advance.

One thing that could be stored for a little longer is your office archive. The priority should be to have your current files and office equipment in place when you move office and while you may need your archive at some stage, you will probably not need instant access.

If it is easier, you can organize your move in stages thanks to the handy storage services offered by your moving company. If you have a lot of items to move, it can be worth sorting out which items can be stored rather than taken to the new location immediately.