Moving companies and the military moves

Moving companies and the military moves

Homeowners in the private sector are obviously helped by moving companies in a big way, but they may not be aware of precisely how the military moves things around.  The answer to this not only lies with military families who often have to move from base to base on a frequent basis but also with the armed forces themselves and their belongings.

When an army or air force base shuts down, for example, many of the items that cannot be taken by a transport plane or some other kind of military vehicle are instead handled by a professional moving company.

Moving companies who handle military relocation inevitably have to be the best in the business, as the attention to duty, timeliness and honor demanded by the military is expected to be reflected in the standards of the people who work for them.  This is why the military is most likely to select firms who have the greatest track record when it comes to such things as professionalism and punctuality.

Furthermore, those who handle such assets are being trusted to move a great deal more than ordinary household furniture.  A military moving operation is one that demands the absolute best in the careful handling of items, adherence to a set schedule, and precision driving.

This does not mean that moving companies view the military as being a more important client that their private customers. On the contrary, the same dutifulness given to military moves is also applied to the private sector.

Jon Huser