Moving can be green

Moving can be green

With Earth Day looming in the United States, the environmental impact caused by moving house can be reduced to a minimum simply by taking heed of a handful of simple tips.  The rubbish caused by moving house is not only the result of the packing supplies that will invariably be made use of but also by the trash that tends to be accumulated in a household or office over a number of years.

Earth Day takes place on 22nd April 2013, while the busy season for the moving industry is also fast approaching.  The busiest month for moving is normally June, although students will probably be on the move in the next few weeks.  Whether your move is into a brand new house or just back home for the summer, the key factor is preparation and there are a couple of tricks and tips to help to ‘green’ an upcoming relocation.

One of the things that causes environmental concerns to end up an afterthought in spite of initial good intentions is procrastination.  The best advice is to start early by preparing the basement, kitchen and garage for moving, as such places tend to contain the largest amounts of rubbish.

Anything unwanted should be disposed of before the relocation, while items that are hazardous in nature, such as used motor oil and old paint, should not be moved at all but instead disposed of in a safe and responsible fashion with your local rubbish collection service.

Lance Grooms