Moving Boxes Can Make or Break a Moving Day, What …

Moving Boxes Can Make or Break a Moving Day, What  …

The one thing everyone needs to know about moving boxes is that not all boxes are created equally. Those free boxes sitting behind a factory are free for a reason and the type of moving boxes available go far beyond cardboard. In fact, moving boxes are significantly more detailed than most people realize and the type of boxes you choose to move your valuables in play a huge role in the overall moving day experience. So, here’s what you need to know.

Know What You Have to Pack

As you look at your household as a whole it’ll seem like everything has to be packed in boxes. But, as you move from one room to another, you’ll quickly notice that there are many items that don’t have to be packed per se. In other words, furniture can be moved with furniture blankets and closets can be moved in wardrobe bags.

So, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what’s going in boxes, crates, wardrobe bags, etc. This allows you accurately estimate how many moving day boxes dish packs, wardrobe bags, etc. you need and what sizes for each.

Since there’s nothing worse than being a couple of moving day boxes short or spending money on boxes you don’t need, this is one tip you don’t want to skip over.

Consider Different Types of Moving Boxes for Different Items

Despite what most people think, a box is more than just 6 folds of cardboard. There are various types of moving day boxes with each serving a different purpose. So, once you’ve determined what needs to be packed in boxes, you can then decide on the type of boxes you need.

Some are designed to reduce the impact of bumps upon transportation, making them great for your breakables, others have a sturdier bottom for heavy items, and some are even designed to dub as storage containers upon arrival at your new home. So, explore the options because they really are endless. When you pick the right packing boxes you can move with confidence, knowing that all your belongings will arrive in one piece. That is, assuming you use the proper packing materials as well, which leads us onto the next tip…

Understand the Pros and Cons of Different Packing Materials

While this tip doesn’t pertain to moving boxes per se, it’s still incredibly important when it comes to transporting your valuables. The type of packing materials you use inside your moving boxes is just as important as anything else. After all, you can have the best box for your grandma’s beloved china but they’re much more likely to arrive in one piece if you use a dish pack and bubble wrap instead of a box and newspaper.

So, understand the pros and cons of different packing materials before wrapping up your valuables. It’s this one sole decision that can make or break your big day. Pardon the pun.

Acknowledge the Power of Custom Crates for Your Prized Possession

If you’re moving to a new neighborhood in the city, you can likely transport all of your items in boxes and with furniture blankets. However, if you’re relocating, traveling a long distance or have valuables that you don’t want to risk, you may want to consider custom crates. There are various options available for different types of materials, such as crates for art, antiques, computers, furniture, heavy machinery, etc. all of which provide an extra layer of durability and protection for your prized possession.

If there’s anything you take away from this article let it be this – not all boxes are created equally. The type of moving boxes you use are crucial to your moving day.