Moving back to the big city

Moving back to the big city

The population of most big cities has been increasing over the course of the last few years, with more and more people trading in houses in the suburbs for homes in the big city.  Anyone who is thinking about relocation from the suburbs and wanting to find a new home in the city should read the following tips.

When you move to the big city from the suburbs, the first big change that you will have to accept is that you will have to live with a lot less space.  Although big city living has a great deal to offer, spacious places to live in are not usually among the advantages.  The key thing here is to pare down your possessions.  When you are in the first stages of planning for the move you should check out housing prices on craigslist to figure out the kind of square footage you will be able to afford and start deciding which items you can keep and which you should get rid of.

Moving to the city will most likely result in a change to the way you get around.  Driving in the suburbs is one thing, but in the city the bus or the subway will be the easiest and best form of transportation; therefore, scoping out the public transport system is vital.

Living in the city means that you are always close to something to do; however, if you want an area with bookstores and quiet cafes or a place with a thriving nightlife, you will need to do research before you move.

Jon Huser