Moving Away From Family

Moving Away From Family

It is accepted as a normal course of life that people will move, at some point in their lives, away from their family. While some people may rejoice in their newfound freedom initially, it is normal to have some mixed feelings after the excitement of being in a new environment wears off. Moving away can be especially tough if you are used to being with your family every day. There are some ways to help cope with this big life transition in being away from your family. Bekins Moving Solutions has assisted numerous people in moving away from family. Here are a few things we have learned along the way to help make the process just a bit easier.

Keepsakes and Reminders

Pack memories from home such as knickknacks or pictures that help you to still feel connected to your family. Position the pictures in the open where you will see them on a daily basis. The reminder that your family is still very much present in your life should help to resolve any homesickness you feel during your day-to-day.

Keep In Touch

Sign up for a social media account such as Google+ or Facebook if you do not already have one. These are excellent and cost-free methods of remaining in touch with people via the Internet. You can send private messages to family members, and post or view pictures from home. You might also want to think about updating your cell phone plan in order to include long distance calls or unlimited texting. This enables you to keep in touch with family members without having to worry about ending up incurring further costs after the relocation. With so many ways to still play a daily role in your family’s life, it can make being apart a bit easier to bare.

Plan a Trip Back

Even if it is only once a year, try to plan a trip back to see your family, or for your family to come see you. Making plans can give you something to look forward to and provide you with the comfort that you will see your family again soon. If your family comes to visit your new city, put together a schedule of all the fun activities you would like to do with them. Take them on a tour of your new area, buy tickets for a local event, or sample the best places to eat in town.

Accepting Your Feelings

It is also important to remember that it is fine to miss your family or to be sad that you are apart. Allowing yourself the time and luxury to identify and respect your feelings can allow you to better cope. If you are finding the transition more difficult than anticipated, there is nothing wrong with seeking professional counseling to help you with your relocation. Sometimes talking things out can help to organize our thoughts and work through our stressors.

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