Moving artwork into storage

Moving artwork into storage

The idea of putting artwork into storage is enough to make any art-enthusiast nervous. After all, that beautiful masterpiece hanging in your home may be worth more than your entire house or perhaps it’s a family heirloom that is absolutely priceless, in the non-monetary sense. Fortunately, with the proper techniques, you can have peace of mind while moving and storing your artwork knowing that it has what it needs to remain protected and in optimal condition.


Use Proper Packing Materials

The first step to moving artwork into storage is to pack it properly with the right packing materials. Most pieces of artwork, such as paintings, canvases and pictures can be packed and secured with a layer of bubble wrap. However, it’s imperative that you thoroughly clean any dust and debris off of them prior to storage, as dirt left on the surface can deteriorate the material.

For storing oil paintings specifically, you must use clear acid-free plastic wrap as basic plastic wrap can cause damage to the artwork. Cover and secure the entire piece – front and back with a layer of acid-free plastic wrap and store it in a secured card box for ample protection and to ease your mind throughout the duration in which it’ll be stored.


Be Wise When Placing It in Storage

Once your artwork is properly prepared and wrapped for storage, it’s time to choose its placement within your unit. It’s imperative that you avoid leaning the artwork again anything with jagged edges.

You’ll also want to store your artwork off of the ground, perhaps on a shelf or pallet, in case something was to leak inside or into your unit. Though, it’s important to avoid laying it face up or face down, as this can easily damage your artwork if something was to be stacked on top of it or worse, stepped on.

So, find a place that is off of the ground and lean it up against the wall in a place where nothing else touches it. Another option is to pack the art in between two heavy items that won’t move, poke or penetrate your pieces.


Insure Your Valuables

Never store your valuables without full valuation. While moving companies and storage facilities have to offer insurance packages, not all are created equally and many do not cover your art fully. Often times, the “included in the price” option is only partial-coverage.

Do your research and make sure you opt for a company that offers full valuation coverage to ensure you’re protected for the full value of the artwork.


Leave It To The Pros

For maximum confidence, leave the moving and storing of your artwork to the pros. At Bekins Moving Solutions, our professionals will come to your home with the proper packing materials and techniques needed for the safe packing, loading, and transportation of your artwork to our storage facility. When you’re ready to have the artwork delivered to you, our professional movers will execute the same techniques to return your artwork in optimal condition.


Think Beyond The Unit

When choosing a storage unit, think outside of the box. There are many different storage types that cater to your specific needs, such as vault storage, cage storage, indoor storage units, wood pallet storage, and more. Each comes with its own set of pros, so make sure you do your research and find the best storage solution for your artwork.

Additionally, you’ll want to research different storage facilities as some do not offer the level of security you desire for your prized possessions.

At Bekins Moving Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your artwork is being moved and stored properly and securely. Speak with one of our specialists today to unleash the value that comes from using our professionals.